excuse-me readers!

Sooo sorry that I didn’t post something the last weeks. And Joke; sorry for not posting the pic with the orange flowers ;p. Next week my examinations takes place so I have to study a lot.. but after that I will post more. What are your summer-plans? I want holiday, now! xoxo Winnie100_0050-1


5 Reacties to “excuse-me readers!”

  1. Joke Says:

    Niet erg!
    Ik draag ook nooit paarse kousenbroeken als jij erbij bent.

  2. Sadie Says:

    Don’t worry – I think a lot of people have the same problem! Good luck 🙂

  3. liannewrites Says:

    Superleuke blog! En je bebloemde panty is heel mooi ❤

  4. McCall Says:

    my summer plans are to stay in California and partyyy with all my friends =)
    you have a very nice blog! what are your summer plans?

  5. McCall Says:

    ohh and you have a lovely name! hahaha:)

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